Lt Joseph Petrosino Association in America | Lt Detective Joseph Petrosino Association in America
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Statement from the Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino Association in America

In light of the recent protests over the death of George Floyd the Lt. Detective Joseph Petrosino in America Association Inc. a not-for-profit organization that honors the memory of Lt. Det. Joseph (Guiseppe) Petrosino, the only New York City police officer killed in the line of duty on foreign soil; who also was an early user and believer in the benefits of community policing, which states that Petrosino’s sensitivity to community demonstrated his commitment to social justice. In honoring his life and achievements we not only highlight the achievements of Italian-Americans and support law enforcement organizations around the world, particularly, the brave women and men of the New York City Police Department but send a clear message that policing needs to just and dispensed evenly and equally without regard to race , ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

In the opinion of the Association's board of directors, Black Lives Matter means equal justice for all under the law and that all Americans are entitled to equal and fair treatment from law enforcement and the American justice system.

We support the peaceful expression of the idea that failure to provide equal treatment and equal justice is detrimental to our society as a whole.  We believe that the vast majority of our law enforcement officers understand and abide by this basic human principle of justice under the law. 

James Lisa                               Robert Fonti                                  Joseph Scelsa

Chairman                                   President                            Honorary Chairman

“Mission Statement”

The Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino Association in America, Inc. was to honor the life of the late Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino, a dedicated public servant who made the ultimate sacrifice working to make our world a better place. He gave his life but left behind a legacy and footprint for others to follow.


Lt. Det. Joseph (Guiseppe) Petrosino was a NYC Police Officer who served in the early 1900’s. He created the Bomb Squad, the Canine Squad and the Undercover Squad, all of which are still being used in today’s police work.


The Mission and Purpose of the Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino Association in America, Inc. includes recognizing and honoring those individuals who make a difference in Law Enforcement, Public Service, Government and Business with their commitment to the betterment of our communities. Our mission also includes working with the NYPD and other organizations who share our vision and mission to recognize the legacy of Petrosino. We are proud of our affiliation with the International Association Joe Petrosino in Padula (Sa) and Association Joe Petrosino Sicilia – Palermo. Through our combined efforts, we hope to inspire young Italians and Italian Americans here and around the world to embrace their language, culture and heritage.



Giuseppe Petrosino was born in Padula, Italy,
a village in southern Italy


Petrosino joined the NYPD.  He was promoted to Detective Sergeant by Teddy Roosevelt in 1895


Petrosino married his wife Adelina Saulino and had a baby daughter in 1908.

“Notable Cases”

Everyone Should Know

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