Lt Joseph Petrosino Association in America | About
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History of Our Organization

About Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino

1909 was over one hundred years ago, the NYPD’s only secret weapon in the war on terror was a brave lieutenant known in “NYC’s Little Italy” as “the Detective in the Derby”. The terrorists of that time were called the Black Hand, ruthless gangsters who preyed on Italian-American immigrants in NYC’s Little Italy. To gather additional information to combat the Black Hand Lt. Giuseppe (Joseph) Petrosino was dispatched to Sicily on an intelligence-gathering mission. Petrosino was ambushed by gunmen near a statue of Garibaldi in downtown Palermo. In the history of the NYC Police Department Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino was the first NYC Police Officer to be slain on foreign soil.

About the Association

The Association was formed to work in conjunction with L’Associazione Internazionale Joe Petrosino in Padula (Sa) Italy, the town in Italy where he was born. His home is now the Petrosino Museum. The Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino Association in America mission and purpose is to perpetuate the Italian Language, Heritage and Culture through a number of programs such as: The Petrosino Association has formed a committee that will be in charge of selecting those schools that teach the Italian language and provide scholarships for students who successfully complete the committee’s curriculum. Work with Educational institutions in Italy to provide a student exchange between Italy and America.


Our Plans

The Association plans to render both financially and volunteer support for those Italian Organizations who battle Italian anti-defamation as well as those who work to support our Italian fallen Heroes. Work with law enforcement agencies to develop a positive image of Italian and Italian Americans to help remove the negative stigma that has stereotyped the Italian community.


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