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Joe Petrosino L'incorruttibile by Nino Melito Petrosino

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Lomicidio Di Joe Petrosino by Anna Maria Corradini

GIA IX - February 28 - 19

Group travels to Palermo to pay tribute to Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino, shot to death there while on a mission to investigate gangsters' ties to NYC.

Joseph Petrosino, left, a heralded New York Police Department detective, was gunned down in the line of duty in 1909 in Sicily. Courtesy of Library of Congress.

ROME (Crux) - Proud New York cops often say that "the NYPD never  forgets its own." Lest that come off as mere rhetoric, a group of men and women from the Big Apple were in Rome this week to keep alive the legacy of a brother officer who died over a century ago, and not on the city's mean streets but in far-away Sicily.

Si è tenuta questa mattina, in via Chiusa a Padula, l’intitolazione del Comando di Polizia Locale a Joe Petrosino nel 110° anniversario della sua morte.

Grande successo dell’American Tour dell’Associazione Internazionale Joe Petrosino di Padula negli USA

Una delegazione dell’Associazione ha preso parte a diversi eventi in ricordo del poliziotto italo-americano



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